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The Graveyard Scene presents Kaelan Mikla + Dear Deer @Batmeet

Samstag, 2. September 2017 - 21:00 bis Sonntag, 3. September 2017 - 4:00

Party mit Djane Siouxsira & Dj Tom-i und Gast Dj JHG Shark

Kælan Mikla is a three-piece synth-punk band from Reykjavík, Iceland, slowly getting darker and deeper with new waves and more instruments.
Kælan mikla has received recognition as an all female synth-punk band in Reykjavik performing live music and poetry as an outstanding act and a memorable experience. Their music and lyrics are inspired by the morbid beauty of sorrow, the embracement of emptiness and the raw and naked icelandic nature. Their intimidating stage performance, that usually includes a ritualistic performance art of some kind, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance.
In July 2016 Kælan Mikla released their debut album with ...the Greece based label Fabrika Records and 500 vinyls sold out in a month!

Kælan Mikla is touring Europe in 2017 with brand new material with chilling, neurotic synth loops paired with ass-end bass and some positively haunting vocals, their sound has evolved into something darker, stronger, capable of taking us from the everyday world into the gauzy barrier between us and our nightmares. Like watching a forgotten reel of film shot at a haunted house, you come away from seeing them live wondering if it’s really over, as you can still feel icy fingers reaching towards you"


DEAR DEER is Federico Iovino (Popoï sdioh) + Sabatel (Cheshire cat)
#postpunk #noise

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